We all have that work colleague, who complains about what you have, knowing that what you´ve achieved you have earned it by putting up more than 60 hours each week, for years, and he or she, only works 40 (or not even that . . .). I do not know if it’s envy, laziness, a combination of the two . . . or some of the capital sins oozing out of their pores. . .


The concept of As Soon As Possible

I have always been that way and for that reason I want to retire soon, this goal is not more than the projection of a concept that I apply to almost every task, plan or work project. Going into more detail, what I mean is that if you have to finish a task in a week and you can finish it in 6 days, isn´t that better? What would happen if you finished it in 5 days? or 4? You could advance in other tasks, finish earlier, be able to think about other projects, and even rest more, why not? Contrary to what many people think, this way of working speeds processes and does not lose quality. Of course that possibility exists, but the undeniable reality is that when you finish ahead of time you generate a margin that you never had before to review the job and make sure that it is prepared correctly. This usually does not happen if you always work at the 11th hour, when stress presses and the deadline creates a lot of tension. On many occasions, this lack of margin and the need to rush constantly cause errors.

Compete against yourself.

Selfimpose feels less stressful

Speaking of stress, one of the crucial advantages of this way of working is that the stress (this does not go down with this approach to finish as soon as possible), is suffered in a self-imposed way and not by the will of the supervisor. This totally changes the perspective, I know it is a mental game in which I trick myself to think that no one presses me, but the truth is that. . . It feels so good to finish ahead of time and feel fulfilled without anyone being pushing you . . . So beyond the envy of lazy people who writhe because they are not able to advance as much as you, the important thing is to be satisfied with your own work.


Why not projecting it to your work life

Let’s project this a bit further . . . one month, one year, one working life . . . imagine that you can cut back your work by 10%, if an average person works 40 years (from 25 to 65), that’s 4 years less. Can you save the equivalent of 4 years of expenses? If you manage to cut it, 20% turns into 8 years and your effective retirement date goes down to 57. . . It starts to be tempting, just keep applying this concept to everything. This is only achieved with work, savings and investment . . . but above all, with planning. The goal of retiring As Soon As Possible is feasible and you have to work for it every day, but it is not just a dream.

It´s ugly to complain, don´t you think?

In sum . . . Do not complaint

Do not complain, especially if you work 40 hours a week and you think what you earn is not “enough” or you don´t get the recognition you deserve. If you want more, work more; but do not complain, especially when your coworker retires 4, 6, 8 or 10 years before you. He or she can probably do it because has worked 60 hours and has planned to retire ASAP while you complained . . .


This post was inspired by the following sentence in Financial Samurai´s blog: “People who work 40 hours a week or less and think they should be far ahead of the game compared to their peers who work 60 hours a week or more”. If you are interested read it here.

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