I carry a simple life, I do not need expensive thrills and I try to enjoy every moment of the day, no more but no less. My logic is as follows: if I am able to live with very little, every time I have, I receive or I experiment something extra is a party. As I have gotten used to living like this, virtually every day is a festival of sensations, but knowing I do NOT need all these things, I just embrace every opportunity and “luxury” that comes but I do not miss them if they do not swing my way. I prioritize experiences over consumption, scrupulously. BUT I AM NOT A MONK! I enjoy almost everything, in fact, my biggest expense is when I am with people, I do not look at the cost if I am with friends, family and loved ones; the value of those moments is infinitely superior and, if I nurture them properly, long-lasting.


-PEOPLE are above EVERYTHING, especially the ones you love and love you.
-Take advantage of everything you do, live the present, foster mindfulness (this is the hardest thing for me).
-Take care of yourself, your health and your spirit are the most valuable assets you posses, without them you will not get far.
-Avoid debt, beyond the house or education, any debt is essentially unnecessary.
-Live below your means, the lower the better, so you will end up with more tools and resources you can use towards your ultimate goal.
-Think twice (or more…) Before making a purchase: Do you “need it”? Will it improve your life, really?
-Look at maximum efficiency on everything. Improve, learn, and optimize everything you do, both physically and psychologically, no matter whether it is economic, work related or at a personal level. Be better!
-Give, the more you give, the more you will receive.
-Be constant, do this every day, all the time, all your life.


Give, give, give

Giving is receiving



How is your life? Perhaps you live a simple life too and you want to add your thoughts in the comments, or perhaps you disagree. TELL ME EVERYTHING, I AM VERY INTERESTED IN THE WAY YOU LIVE.

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