This post is a bit different from the previous ones. Part of my mission with this blog is to bring you a summary of what’s out there on the web about FIRE (Financial Independence/Retirement Early), so you get the best without putting all the time to find it. Today we take a look at Justin’s blog, retired at the very enviable age of 33 and still enjoying and explaining everything in his blog.

His style is direct and clear, the most important aspect for him is being efficient and above all, family comes first in its priorities, so if you read his blog you can capture a lot of information on how to properly take care of your family without breaking the bank, actually, saving and investing to improve your family’s wellbeing.

In his blog you can read a little more about how Justin’s organization leads to a full life enjoying time with his family. For this blogger, issues like choosing a partner who is in tune with your life plan, saving, investing adequately and not making unnecessary purchases or eccentric ones, are the basic pillars for an early retirement. He even does consulting if you would like him to help you plan your path, you can contact him and get advice on finance and retirement through his services here.

I might call him one of these days, if you do, please, tell us how was the experience. I think his example of two clearly different cases in which one saves more than the other, it is bold as to understand his philosophy and how he has achieved his goal of EARLY RETIREMENT. CONGRATULATIONS!

Root of Good’s family (with your permission, Justin)


A happy Justin with his family, enjoy man!


What are you going to learn from Root of Good?

-Clear and specific tips on how to save in your children’s expenses, especially the important (and feared) costs of college.


-Provides another approach to those expenses that usually are off the main budgets which can be cut even further. For instance, the concept of quiet or slow travel trip is a contemporary luxury that Justin explains.


-If you’re thinking about retiring abroad, for a lower cost, or return to your home country or your partner’s, even temporarily, this blogger gives good advice to make that transition (this is a subject on which I constantly reflect).


Do you think you could be as successful as Justin? HE HAS FULFILLED HIS DREAM!!


What article in Root of Good of which I have presented here did you think is most valuable? Maybe some other that you saw while browsing Justin’s site and you want to share?


– I retired at 33


– I retired at 33 an overview


– A simpler way to retire 15 years earlier


– How to pay for college while retired early


– The art of slow travel


– Retiring abroad-Could we do it?


– Another article you’ve seen on his blog? Share, please, and comment




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