Today’s post is a response to last week’s, in a kind of complementary couplet that I had not done until today.

After writing I CAN SMELL THE SEA I kept thinking that it is true that it seems that we have passed the equator of this process and that mentally this helps a lot: What´s left is not even as much as what´s covered so far; in fact, each day is less and if this part was completed, the next should not be a problem. But I also kept thinking that at some point everything can be delayed or complicated because of the dreaded recession that will inevitably come, remember that post?. I want to be cautious and move forward little by little, I know we can get there, but I also know that there will be obstacles along the way and that I will also want to make sure everything is well tried before taking the big leap. After so much effort and planning you can not do things lightly.

Jump with me!

It´s not easy but . . . We´ll keep pushing


You might think . . . So many doubts? Well, indeed, a lot of uncertainty because the goal is not easy. If you work every day and do the same without questioning anything, you have no doubts, you know you have to work until you can no longer do so, so you do not have much room for maneuver. What we are aming in this blog is different. It is complex but we will get there.



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