In this post I am asking too many questions, I know . . .


The more I think about the future the more I consider getting a van and travel. I always enjoyed traveling, especially, traveling by car. I love the idea of the road trip REMEMBER THE MOTORBIKE? I always do one road trip by motorcycle during the summer. I know I am talking in clichés, but the freedom of this kind of travel, because of the bike, it´s incomparable. These solo road trips are what I called, my own therapy, they allow me to reflect and forget about many issues in order to refresh, recharge and start over with more energy.

Not this huge thing….

RV is Too Much


I´ll keep doing the solo motorbike road trips, but moving forward those are a bit too extreme and I don´t have the skills or the guts to travel like some of my references (Sinewan, Miquel Silvestre o Alicia Sornosa). I´m thinking about a small van, as small as possible, at the end LESS IS MORE, and an RV goes against everything that I live by. That is to say, the cost alone of an RV could be higher than my house, even a second hand modest one. Going big with a huge RV that leaves a large carbon footprint and has a high maintenance cost, a high cost of actually moving it, etc. . . . it simply won´t happen. But on the downside, how much comfort are you willing to forgo?


Are Toilets are Overrated?


I believe they are. Many people will freak out with this statement, but I think if you are on the road in the USA or Europe, for instance, you´ll find toilets almost everywhere you stop, in any restaurant, gas stations, civic center, etc. There are even rest areas that have showers, for instance. Also, my plan is to be off the grid and living in the van as we go, but every now and then stop by a hotel and enjoy the luxuries of modern life . . . ;). I am well aware that this might be very spartan for many, and even some will call it a life of deprivation and all kinds of nonsense comments (REMEMBER THE PHILOSOPHY?). This kind of travel is not for everyone, but it surely can be comfortable and definitely sufficient. I prioritize traveling, learning about peoples, places and cultures over many given facts of life. This way of traveling not only cut costs tremendously (the highest expense is lodging, you can reduce the cost by at least by 1/3 or more), it will also create character and reminds you that you do not need hardly anything to live and to learn. This is a humble way of experience travel and wander the world.


Overrated? Or no?



Nomads for Life?


Route 66 was a life-changer. We did that trip a few years ago in a red Ford Mustang. The legend running through the legendary way (Yes, I have a thing for engines . . .). I saw the possibilities and the easy approach of traveling in the USA by car due to the infrastructures, tons of options and well laid-out logistics, but mainly due to the natural wonders that the country has to offer, easily accessible by car. The next time we go on the road, it will be in a van, a small and humble one, but one that allows us to sleep in there and avoid being bound to hotel reservations and restrictive itineraries. Who does not want to wake sleep and wake up in nature? I am sure we will do long road trips, maybe up to 2 months or more, I already have a few in mind. But we will not be nomads for life, as much as I like traveling and being on the road, I am sure we will always go back to reconnect with family and friends, all while planning our next road trip . . .


Not a bad dream to chase…


If you have been following me, you can see that I have ideas and plans that differ and work in parallel, I have multiple plans for retirement, including massive travel. At the end, a blog is a the 21st century diary where dreams and hopes get expressed.


What is yours?


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