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Today, I present a blog that has just being sold, created by J. Money, a blogger-rocker (learn more about him here), one of the most interesting and active bloggers on personal finance on the web. We are sure the new management (ESI Money, soon will be reviewed here) will take good care of it. This blog is not like others I have presented before in this section, it is rather a compendium of other articles and other blogs out there in the blogosphere, and it is certainly a tremendously valuable source of resources. THANK YOU FOR COMPILING ALL OF THIS J. Money! This blog of blogs is different, especially due to its approach; its main goal is not necessarily retirement, but rather to provide information about personal finance and investments making use of the vast amount of free information that already exists on the internet. If you want to see specific information in his blog, do not hesitate and visit him here. On another occasion I will make a full review about his blog.

Keep on rocking J. Money! Go hard!

What are you going to learn from this blog?

It is worth exploring the proposed list of the best blogs about money he proposes that you can see here. It is also invaluable the quantity of items by categories,where he has where he has carefully curated the best articles making it easier for us to pursue vital information that will allow us to pursue our goals quicker.Do not miss this link.

His intense activity commenting, publishing and republishing information on the network and its connection to other bloggers and finance websites has led him to combine his goal of reaching the magic number of a million dollars to seek the transparency of many bloggers who track publicly their networth. Thus, Rockstar Finance makes a list of most of them. I hope J. Money does not get offended if my figures are not there, I am simply not ready to join your list with specific amounts yet, but I think I will in the near future. For now, if you want to know more about my situation, check out the post on EXPENSES, GOALS AND NET WORTH where I address all this in percentages rather than figures. If you want to compare your net worth with these bloggers, you can see the list here.

Make sure to visit Rockstar Finance and show J. Money your gratitude for the enormous work on choosing finance information and COMMENT BELOW the articles you like or find valuable. Remember that this is a place to share, what you have seen and shared with others.