It is difficult and the impulses are constant, but you must overcome temptation and keep a cool head. Think about what you really need, and the consequences or the impact of your spending goals.

If you do not have the money, do not buy it. It is that easy and that difficult. Remember THE POWER OF DELAYING GRATIFICATION?

Resist the temptation, wait, save to cover that expense (or even better, eliminate it) and then enjoy it more.


You probably think you have to have it at once, think twice, preferably three or more times, before jumping to make that purchase.


Some tips to avoid impulse buys:


-Never buy the first time you think of something you want.

-Stop a few days and think honestly if you still “need” that product (remember the difference between NEED vs WANT.

-Let a few weeks go, you will probably forget.

-If you keep wanting it wait to have the money.

Now some tips to think about the consequences of that expense:

-If you pay on credit, you will be paying more. Not only that increases your debt (and remember DEBT, NO, NO, NO), you will also be bound to the item/purchase for a longer period of time.

-If you do not pay on time, the credit interest triggers and increases exponentially until it gets into a spiral where financial institutions will suck the life out of you.

-If you pay on credit with money you do not have, you will lose opportunities to lower your debt or earn more money with your investments and this will delay achieving your goals.

-If you do not pay on time, your credit history will suffer and could affect you when you really need to borrow money for a mortgage, for example.

In conclusion:

If you pay in cash and avoid debt you will feel better for the achievements and the discipline that you possess. You will also have many more opportunities and acquire certain freedom to do whatever you want, reach your goals, and above all, you will feel calmer and capable of more endeavours, thus, you will face life right in the eye and raise your self-steem.


How do you manage to overcome temptation? SHARE YOUR ADVICE AND EXPERIENCE, PLEASE.