I know it is early to talk about life once already in RETIREMENT, but it is important to dream big and remember one of the mottos that guide this blog: “Keep the feet on the ground and the head in the clouds.” It is crucial to be able to visualize such a great goal as being financially independent. The blog that I review today shows that is possible. So here I present a lovely couple that really is living the dream, they are the humble and simple (and I say this as a dearest compliment) Bill and Akaisha Kaderli. To understand their philosophy of life is best to read their worldview here. They are practical and provide specific information about issues that appear as you approach life away from your desk. But they never lose focus about the important values in life that are well beyond money. They enjoy life and try to lead a meaningful, enjoyable and rewarding existence as these concepts are their main force to keep going. They are true pioneers of early retirement, I believe the best way to understand what they do and why they do it is to read an interview with them, 20 questions here.

Look how nice and cheerful they seem as they enjoy RETIREMENT


What are you going to learn from Retire Early Lifestyle?


-The importance of keep learning and evolving over time. Proof of it is an article for millennials that updates their main guidelines to achieve retirement.

-Solutions to specific problems. For instance, how to successfully troubleshoot and secure medical assistance while traveling without breaking the bank, here.

-They are also foodies and provide brief reviews on where to eat abroad and how to control costs and enjoy foreign cuisine. (I told you that not everything would be about money. We are on the same page as Billy and Akaisha).

¿Could you do what this couple has been doing since 1991? KUDOS ON THE ACHIEVEMENT!!!

Which article by Early Retire Lifestyle that I brought here do you think is the best? Maybe you saw a different article while browsing their site? Share with us!

– It is a lifestyle, not a vacation

– 20 questions

– 5 Steps for millennials to become financially independent

– Health concerns while traveling

– Berlina Bistro, Oaxaca Mexico

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