Choose the longest path

The longest road is the one that most do not want to undertake, often the most difficult, the most tedious and less attractive. In this day and age when everything is fast, efficient and everybody is trying to do more with less, the shortest way is premium. More than frequently what prevails is the shortcut, not the effort. I do advocate for the opposite, go the extra mile every day, choose the longer way, and learn from each moment and experience to feel the improvement as you advance in the process towards your goal. More often than not, what is cheap ends up being more expensive, literally and metaphorically, and the shortest path is not the most effective. The shortcut leads us to encounter obstacles, losses, and delays. Avoid luxury, stay away from the baroque, and just keep walking. Just you and the path, keep going; every step taken rests on strength and patience, like the water that slowly, but surely, breaks the rock.


The longest road” is the title of a documentary about the tour of Enrique Bunbury through the US in small theaters and limited crowds after having reached international stardom and without needing to “downgrade”. He decided to take the longest and hardest path to re-learn the value of work and how suffering shows you how to achieve the objectives. He renewed his vows and found again the essence of life. An amazing humbling story of overcoming personal fears and the constant search for improvement.


The path seems huge, but the reward is even bigger. Enjoy the journey.



Have you ever chosen the shortest path and the shortcut made you lose time in the end? IT IS ALSO IMPORTANT TO LEARN FROM MISTAKES.