Do you want to work all your life? I do not.


I do not know many people who want to, but I see that there is no other option but to work for a lifetime. . . or is it . . .


As longevity, health and economic needs are evolving, the question is clear: to what extent will the retirement age increase? Recently it has increased more or less globally and in many countries it is directly linking to life expectancy. . .
At this rate we will never retreat. . . I refuse to assume this, after all this is what this blog is about, to see how one can retire as soon as possible.

I like better green…. thanks to Aperion

I’m not going to complain about work, I like it. . . Well, I liked it more when I was younger and did the technical part. . . Now that I’m in management, I like it less. . . Nothing that I did not expect, but the truth is that there are days that feels like pure grinding. This is a motivation to try to stop working as soon as possible.
I travel a lot, but I miss traveling, the more the better, the farther better, without looking back and trying to put prejudices aside to absorb as much as possible of the culture that I approach. I do not get tired of this and I feel like I’m losing opportunities. You have to retire soon.
The time with family, friends and loved ones is not increasing, it only decreases, every time I can enjoy less time with them and this is crucial. This is another of the great motivations to try to retire as soon as possible.

Sankofa, always looking back…

A place to return to. I think it is known that I do not live in my land, but in the promised land. It reminds me of sankofa, the African bird, looking back to those left behind to the place I always want to go back.

There are many reasons to stop working. . . what’s yours?

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