WHEN IN FEAR . . . PLAN . . . A, B, C, D . . .


I think one of the big problems for early retirement is fear, I’ve been writing lately about how little by little I’m beginning to see the end. There is still a long path to the goal and we have to keep it cool, but everything is progressing properly and the vertigo is becoming real.


In the face of fear, planning and doing numbers to see how retirement can be carried out (because early retirement plan is not normal), we have to consider a series of safety nets in case something happens (I do not know what, but you have to be prepared for everything). Talking to my partner I understand that the fear is real, when we leave without a paycheck, and without a fixed income; we create a lot of uncertainty. That is why we must organize the strategy with different levels, alternative plans to be calm and to be able to react if something does not go well.

Several options:

A-Retirement 100% : We are going to a golden retirement, writing off into the sunset. Traveling, eating (I do not know if I will pray, but I will be with my loved ones, that’s for sure). Perfect, total freedom.

B-Retirement almost 100%: We work a little between trips, part-time or sporadic jobs (yes, we already know that retirement fundamentalists will say that this does not count …). This plan can work very well, we would have a lot of flexibility and we would travel a lot too.

C-Retirement 100% with Geo-arbitration: This I have already mentioned before, we are both foreigners, so geo-arbitrage will happen one way or another. The question would be to organize it in such a way that it reduces our costs as much as possible. This option, although it is the C, I like it a lot because it allows us not only to travel as tourists, but to live in another place and soak up its culture. Perfect, you just have to apply a little more planification.

Always keep (at least) an ace up the sleeve . . .

Options with more work:

D-Sell real estate to release cash.

E-You can also add the geo-arbitrage using the cash from the sale of houses: This would be one of the first options and, regardless of the option that is taken, this is always an idea (I do not know if managing properties from a distance is better in the long run).

F-Work partially if necessary on what we like, without much structure or commitment and with more flexibility (also for less money), but compensated if we need income: This is very possible too, regardless of whether we need the money or not, we have interests in many different activities and with almost all of them money can be generated (one day I will explain these interests in detail).

G-Geo-arbitration with full-time work. We can travel to another country to develop our main careers the whole year and although proportionately less money will be earned, it allows us not to touch the savings and funds and let them grow: It is not the most ideal because it is what involves working more, but I would not care at all if the country is attractive enough; I would see it as an extensive journey through which to learn from another culture.


There are options, we have many safety nets, we are not going to turn crazy or end up in the street, in the worst case. All these calculations and formulating the options help us see where we are and how far we can go. I still think that the goal of retirement is getting closer and that the dream little by little seems to start materializing.

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