No spoiler, I promise . . . it has nothing to do with the car


Film is central to my life, stories visually narrated and their aesthetics fill a void in me, a part of me would be less enlightened if you took movies away from me. I think some films go well beyond the screen and enter in your mind and heart, crawling into the skin and staying there for a long time. Mustang is one of them, it was nominated for an Academy Award for best foreign film in 2016, it did not win, but sure the film deserved it. If you have an hour and a half I guarantee that you will not waste your time watching this gem. The story of these five orphaned sisters who live with their uncles will grab you; their wild character and struggle against the tight control by their ultraconservative environment and traditionalist family trying to censor and curtail their freedom will shed some light about the hardness of contemporary rural Turkey. Their beauty and strength take over the screen, their concerns and ways to survive an oppressive environment will run deep in our blood as spectators who sympathize quickly with them.


Mustang running free, strong and determined . . . keep reading below


wild mustangs, wild horses we will ride them some day

And you might wonder. . . What is the connection between five Turkish sisters with mustang horses? It’s much more than what it seems. Did you know that wild mustang horses descendants of the ones brought by Spaniards still run free in the US? I leave you with this idea, and I hope this is enough to spark your curiosity and look for the movie.


This free spirit of the five sisters, nonconformist and brave, is what inspires us to continue working hard every day and continue in the pursuit of our goals.


If you want to know a little more about the film, you can find it there.



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