Towards the dream


A few years ago I wrote about Mexico and the infinite possibilities it offers to retire, if you do not remember you can reread it here and here.

Always in the top 5 places to retire

The truth is that I was talking about a mock retirement, to try to see if it could be a place to retire, maybe not permanently, but long periods, half or a third of the year, especially the cold months, since in many areas of Mexico that concept, the cold, does not exist. Beyond the comfort of the mild temperatures, the low cost of living, the excellent quality food, the open and affable nature of the Mexicans, etc. . . . The truth is that Mexico is an exceptional option for all that it has to offer and the hospitality that it emanates.


Confirming the intuition

The simulation to which I referred and which I visited a few years ago already took me deep and since then I have been thinking that Mexico would be a great place to spend the winters, for a while I dream of a little house near the sea. I already know that it is a topic, a cliché and a stereotype. . . but there are some stereotypes that have no end and that nobody ever tires. Who will get bored of a sunset, a house on the beach, a walk along the seashore? Who will get tired of that if it is not for the whole year or for a lifetime?

The test has become a dream, I am determined to build a house in Mexico for that dream retirement, maybe like this:

Cliché . . .? It doesn´t matter here . . .

Well, maybe not like that, but let me dream. Remember that you have to dream big: “With your feet on the ground and your head in the clouds”.

What is your dream?

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