A Little More, A Little Earlier

I keep following the minimalist dogmas that help us stay calm and follow the path towards retirement . . . Do you remember “less is more”, “the longest road” or “philosophy of effort”? You can see them here, here or here. Sorry, I get distracted and that is precisely what I am trying to avoid, not lose myself and continue moving forward . . . so today I write about the mentality that I think will make us reach the longed retirement.

Just a little more . . .

Inspiration today comes from a place not very common for me. I recently heard a financial analyst talk about the most important factor to carry out any type of business and what he said is that GETTING AHEAD is crucial for business. That is, explained the analyst, arrive a little earlier and have a little more. The parallel is very curious with the retirement because, in essence, what is sought is exactly the same: Move up the end of the career, arrive a little earlier (or as soon as possible) and with a little more to be calm. It makes sense if you understand your professional career as a business in which you are making money and the objective of benefits is not other than to reach financial independence, leave work and verify that you have achieved the “business” of your life by retiring.

And you? What do you do to get ahead, to advance towards retirement?

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