Pursue your goal, be relentless in your effort, do not drop the ball, keep on running, keep on working, follow your strategy, keep believing in your dream. KEEP ON DREAMING. Along the way you will find many people that will discourage you and try to tell you that what you are after is not possible, that you are a fool and you will not make it: Ignore them. Each time you find an obstacle in the way that upsets you: Fix it and mantain your way. Every time you stumble upon someone trying to remind you that you will not succeed: Ignore everything and strive for glory, remember the philosophy of effort. Ignore all the surrounding noise, the alarmists, the pessimists, the naysayers, the doomsayers, the envious, the mediocre, the incapable, the parasites, the weak, the lazy . . . Ignore all burdens and keep your eyes on the target. Dream big, put your head in the clouds and keep your feet on the ground.


Whenever the noise bothers me I put them on and double down on the effort.


What kind of noise bothers you the most? How do you manage to ignore it and continue? TELL US HOW YOU DO IT

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