Yes you can

You can learn about domestic finance as much as possible and about personal finances without having any type of training or having been born in an environment with experience in the subject. I did not know anything when I started working and, above all, reading, I saw the different ways to optimize expenses, cut costs and maximize revenue.

Even if you start from 0

Even if you start from scratch

In my house nobody knows about finances, my parents have worked all their lives for very modest salaries and they have given their best to get ahead, but the truth is that they did not get the most out of their work and effort. I do not think it was their fault, it was simply another time when social classes were less permeable and opportunities very scarce.


Think differently

But you can really make it if you try to think outside the normal parameters that force you to repeat the same mistakes as your predecessors. It is possible if you question everything and try to find ways to improve. You can forge a path of your own if you educate yourself and use your head to propose another way of living away from the hamster´s wheel that seems to be our fate.

Socrates with his eyes on the prize . . .

Next steps

I have many things to learn, practically all: “I only know that I do not know anything”. The words of Socrates help me to reflect on my many faults. Specifically and in regards to personal finance, I must learn and improve on how to do more effectively my taxes and topics such as “harvest loss and gains” so that the investments of the stock market, with its ups and downs, are more efficient , for example . . . and you?

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