Control lifestyle creep


Preventing the rising costs of living as we move forward is essential to be able to retire soon. Wages are rising, we are accommodating and every time we “need” (remember NEED vs. WANT?) more things, our fixed costs go up. This is a mistake if you want to retire.

The easiest way is to get carried away by the lifestyle, temptations, comparisons, neighbors, relatives, etc. . . . seriously? Is that what you want. If you’re reading this blog, it’s because you’re pretty set that you do not want that, so do not go down that way.

Do you reallly need this?

What if you opt for the opposite?


In other words, try to maintain your lifestyle while enjoying it, as you have always done, but live below your means to continue moving towards retirement.

Many think that this means leading a miserable life but the truth could not be further from reality. It is not a saving, it is not an expense in financial products, it is an investment. If you do not understand it, you will never reach the goal.

In the central phase of accumulation, this is one of the most important elements, everything you do not spend you can invest, everything that is raising your salary do not let it slip through your fingers in day to day meaningless expenses and try to escape as soon as possible from that office. . .

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