A Second Act or Early Retirement?


One of the reasons to retire early, beyond owning your time and doing what you want when you want, is to avoid the dubious last part of your career. It is always uncertain how those last years at the job will be, and everybody knows somebody that has been replaced, “reassigned”, or simply, left aside. How about adding this motivation to your list of carrots that push you to retire early?


Drop the Mic


Not only that, but I´m extremely tempted to quit at peak and leave the decline to others. Think about athletes that drag their retirement and it ends up being a sad vision, instead of a celebration of a great career, for instance. I knew I had this idea in the back of my mind, but it really got inspired by this article. Hint: Your professional peak comes sooner than what you think, don´t fool yourself. And truth to be told, Joe Udo, behind Retireby40 blog, lead to it. Thanks for the inspiration!

Yes, mic drop … quite a statement

Why Amass More?


Is life a canvas  to fill with “things”? Or is a marble block that has to be sculpted taking out the superfluous and unnecessary? This is a key question if you are to retire early. I believe in the later, and as tempting as staying on a job and amassing more wealth is, the reality is that you would amass more work and more stuff that only will become a sandbag and won´t let you fly. Stop and think. Don´t hold on to material items, be careful,for sure there are some hidden enticements (riches, power, prestige) . . . but don´t let those steal your spirit and focus on the prize, your freedom. No need to amass more of anything.REMEMBER LESS IS MORE?


Only Compete Against Yourself


I´m thinking more and more about applying emotional intelligence to close my career early and high, in the same manner as I´ve used it to advance it. Everything has an end, and ending the period of time working, after all, is the main goal of this journey, you know about it. No matter how successful you are, producing at the highest level at all times is impossible. I think about life being limited, probably more than what I should, but I use it as inspiration and not in a pessimistic way. Basically, I use it to refine priorities and keep enjoying life to the max.


A Second Act


If the thought of leaving a career is difficult, why not considering the whole concept of Financial Independence and Early Retirement as career per se? You won´t retire, you would just have a second act, in which the stage prior to early retirement is your preparation to it, just like your education/internships/trainings was, and the actual retirement is your second career. I know is  a mind trick, but there are many around that help us grow. Just like in your first career, you had to be as ready as possible in order to succeed (aka: learn, and focus; save, and invest). When you first started working you were trying to promote and establish yourself in your field or industry, it would be just the same in this second act career called RETIREMENT (aka: Control spending, invest on experiences, embrace the new life . . . just to say a few, they might be different for you).


Your Goal is Your Career


I choose to focus on my careers, the current one (the everyday reality . . . for now), and the upcoming one (the plausible dream:the next one). You will not be able to have your second act if you don´t retire early, you will not be able to develop that ideal career if you don´t close and finish this one first. I want to retire early for many reasons, but also to finish at peak and take with me the best feeling possible before the decline.


“The night is darkest just before the dawn. And I promise you. The dawn is coming.” – Harvey Dent.


Reconnect with your soul, embrace the decay with a new illusion because the twilight will become the dawn, your awakening to a new life. Reverse completely the situation and turn the decline into a new adventure.


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