Give thanks

It is not my culture or my tradition, but the reality is that not only does it not harm anyone, but it certainly improves relations with others and, above all, with one’s conscience.

Thanking should be almost as frequent as breathing or eating, because without the help of nearby humans and anonymous people we would not be able to carry out a good port almost nothing, or our capabilities would be limited to the minimum quotas. Dedicate a specific day in which they thank each other, although there is nothing I have seen since I was little, I like it, I understand it perfectly and I embrace the concept; Not so much the turkey. . . which in the end is a bit bland. . . 😉

As much as possible, give thanks!

That said, I thank my loved ones on a personal level and many people who work with me, all these emotional and work supports are critical to continue moving at this rate. Beyond people, I want to thank the culture and, especially, the cinema, which allows me to enrich myself both inside and with others.

This week there is a stop on the road to retirement to reflect, gain momentum and recognize all those who are helping to achieve it, whether confirmed or not. Without them I am nothing.

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