I have not written about movies for a long time and for me they are fundamental to understanding life, including retirement.

Today I speak Darren Aronofsky’s PI, released in 1998 with a very low budget (only $ 60,000). This was his first film and managed to capture one of the obsessions of the human being: numbers, money and economic progression; even if it leads to self-destruction. Logically, I am not saying that this film is a reflection of what we are trying to do by retiring as soon as possible; rather the opposite. That is, the compulsive obsession with the numbers of the main character leads to total collapse. Lately, I’ve been crunching numbers, probably you too, and for an instant, I remembered this movie and what shocked me was to see a person drowning in his own obsession. If you have not seen it, go for it, I must warn you though that it is not for the warmhearted or for the very sensitive, like all Aronofsky movies (remember Requiem for a dream?). It is an exaggeration in any case, but we should not obsess . . . and I’m saying this to myself, mainly.

Not everything in life boils down to numbers . .. .

PI is not a model, in fact it is the anti-example. The film I am talking about does not seek to inspire us, but rather to send a wake-up call to be calm as we move towards our goals. Sometimes we look at a number, a data, a point, a detail, such as 3.1416 or at your magic number that will allow you to retire . . . and the reality is that one of our best virtues is to be flexible and the ability to adapt. I hope I do not  forget this . . .

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