Another Life is Possible

Not everything is money, not everything is FIRE, not everything is about retiring . . . surprised?

Have we changed plans?   No, not at all, I simply believe that it is important to recognize other possible ways of life, especially if they are consistent and look beyond the superficial. I refer to a style of frugality based on sustainability, respect for the environment and the objective of connecting with the land in such a way that there is no waste, garbage or pollutants, so the footprint we leave will be minimal.  

No expense, no waste . . .


No waste

This lifestyle does not seek financial independence, but self-reliance based on minimalism and respect for the environment. I believe that this type of life fits perfectly with FIRE, although FIRE is based on the speculative economy generated by the stock market, the basic principles are fully aligned.   The sustainable lifestyle can be matched with the goal of early retirement, as it help us be more efficient, while being more respectful of everything around us.  

Some questions we can ask ourselves  

-Can we consume less?

-Can we consume more consciously and less harmful?

-Is it possible to reduce waste to virtually 0?

-Is it possible to recycle more?

-Is it possible to be more aware of our impact on Earth?  

To all these questions we can answer flatly: YES  

Now it is a matter of proposing it, accepting the challenge and being more careful with the consequences of our actions, to minimize them and live more fully.  

Help comes along the way.

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