Forget any master plan that they try to sell you to get rich overnight and, of course, stay away from the promise of get-rich-quick schemes. Given all the odds, not even buying lotto tickets seems worth it. Statistically, the odds of getting struck by lightning are higher than those of winning the lottery. The only thing certain is planning, working hard daily, and the repetition of these habits over and over. The only way I know to reach your goals, whatever they are, is what I call THE PHILOSOPHY OF EFFORT. Think thoroughly to create a clear plan, analyze what should be done, break it into smaller and within reach parts in order to achieve your goals. Start small on our way, step by step, without despairing in the effort, and with the strength of the hammer nd perseverance on your side. Keep hitting that anvil without fail.


You will reach your goals, your effort will be rewarded.


This is one of the major strategies to face the great challenges of life. TELL ME HOW YOU FACE THOSE HUGE GOALS.

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