Oscar´s in Spanish

At this point, you known from my previous posts that not everything is money and one of the most important aspects of life is culture, in any of its forms, but for me, it is especially cinema; Remember other posts about movies that I have already recommended, like Mustang.

¨El Gordo¨, fatso, as his friends call him.

Film is one of my confessable passions and it is something that, on occasions, allows me to transcend. It has not been like that in the case of The Shape of Water, it’s not my favorite Del Toro movie, and I take the opportunity to recommend two of his perhaps not so well-known works: The Devil´s Backbone and Crimson Peak. However, the film for which he has won the Oscar is an impeccable craft, classic in its form, and contemporary in its content.

The black lagoon . . . The filmic origin of the monster . . .


Mexican film, even if the president doesn´t like it . . .

Whether we like it or not, again, another winner of the academy emerges from the Hispanic world and the “Trinidad Mexicana”, Iñárritu, Cuarón and, now, Del Toro, continue to grow their legend despite the detractors of immigration that enriches us and the executioners of the diversity and allows us to grow. The wave is unstoppable, where do you want to be when it washes us? . . . I am on top it . . . The film, as I say, is a story, more than anything, about tolerance, about the need to accept the other, however different it may be, and about the ability to adapt; one of the most essential skills in this contemporary world and vital for a flexible and happy retirement. It is not only the shape of water, but The Patience of Water, remember?

You still have not seen the movie? What are you waiting for . . . .?

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