Take advantage of time


Sometimes I meet people who are surprised at how I have time to do the things I do, they ask me where I get the time. Of course there is no magic trick, time is implacable and it vanishes between our fingers. . . My answer is always the same: tons of organization and efforts to minimize the losses of time as much as possible, while optimizing the processes.

Time vanishes if you don´t take advantage . . .



Without organization you can not take advantage of time, there is no doubt about that. I usually start with the most difficult, tedious and complicated tasks at the beginning of the day. It’s when I have more energy and the day has not yet started to get complicated. In addition, I try to do the tasks that I like the least, so I take them off and I can enjoy another type of work more appetizing getting rid of the worry and the pressure of having to finish it.

Adjust as much as possible



The other issue is to optimize, on both ends, eliminating any losses and trying to complete the processes as quickly as possible, maintaining quality and results, of course. What matters is to appreciate every second, every minute, even if it seems that it is not relevant. In a process that takes one hour to complete, if you do it daily, shaving 10 minutes each time you do it, allows you to gain a full hour for yourself each week. If you do not value those 10 minutes each day, you will not be able to earn that hour each week. And an hour each week gives you tons of possibilities. Now imagine that you could earn 16% of time (this percentage comes out of gaining 10 minutes every hour) in each process. . . Do not forget the importance of each action.

How about you? How do you take advantage of time?

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