Total revenue

I recently saw on the social security page the records of everything that has been entered since I work. It was quite interesting to see how I have progressed and calculate the total. Immediately I thought: How much have I managed to save / invest in the face of retirement? Or how much have I spent in all these years? Crucial questions for all of us who want to retire soon.


You already know that the estate is made up of all your assets or assets minus all your liabilities or debts. My objective is that my assets are, at least, equal to the total income. For me, that means that I have saved / invested well and that it is not “costing” me to live, that is, that the profitability of my investments generates enough to cover all costs, at least.


How much you have managed to place of what you have earned is a percentage to take into account, here below a scale created by Joe Udo from here and previously by J. Money at here.

The calculation is very easy:
INCOME RATIO HERITAGE = Equity / Total Income

▪ 0% -10%: You’re very bad!
▪ 10% -25%: It’s okay if you’re young, but it’s pretty little.
▪ 25-50% – Good job, you’re doing well!
▪ 50-100% – Excellent! You are going for the good way!
▪ 100% -1,000% – Congratulations! Put me in your will!

I am slightly above 100% and I am very happy.

Graphic in the reverse direction of the usual . . . This is not a common calculation.l

A fun game

My favorite game lately is to see how I can increase my assets as I increase my income, so that I can continue at least 1: 1 or even increase my wealth. That is to say, to see how we continue generating profitability with the investments which will assure us the retirement. . .

Another way to motivate yourself to keep reaching your retirement goals. Anything goes to get to retirement.

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