Options in retirement


Many of those who consider early retirement think about how to occupy their day when they are releases from work duties. For many people, quitting work causes a vacuum that is unclear how to fill. Moreover, many people do not retire because of the vertigo that the same void gives them and the fear of being bored. Personally, I don’t think it’s my problem, remember when I talked about a possible day in retirement? You can reread it here.

It could be a blast …

Help others

However, many people worry about what their day will be like and it is a recurring theme in the FIRE community and I think it is good to weigh different options. In addition to having a general idea of ​​what a routine might be, a very interesting option is volunteering, both in the place where you live and away from home. There are many resources, for me the most interesting are abroad, as you will see below, but surely there are many ways to help in your area. In this link you can see a few.

Why not?

You can try your luck with one or more of these options. Which option attracts you the most?

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