It’s not about money

Although we talk a lot about money in this blog. . . money is just a vehicle to get what we want. And the question is that: What do we want? Immediately what we want is to increase revenues, lower expenses and that investments generate the maximum possible. That is going to lead us to reach the magic figure. . . But if these are your goals, I’m sure you do not live in the immediacy or the nearest present. If you think about withdrawing soon it is because you plan your life in the long term. So . . . What do we want?

It’s about living

What we want is to live, not money, we want to be free to decide to do what we want, to be where we want and not to do what we do not want to. We want to travel, be with our people, think, do not go through the hoops that force us every day, do not let us catch the universal yawn.


Wake up, damn!

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