One of the great debates in the FIRE community is this. At what point does one go from frugal to austere, and from austere to other more problematic contexts. . . Where do we draw the line?

On the verge . . .



Nobody is going to discuss the virtues of frugality here, it is the essence of this blog and one of the main sources to achieve retirement. We do not only talk about money, also about discipline, seeking enjoyment in the simple things of life and focusing on the essential, leaving behind the follies of contemporary consumerism that only want to take you into a spiral from which it is very difficult to leave. Remember LESS IS MORE?

Simple but bold . . . You never go wrong . . .


At what moment frugality can go from being a tool and a way of life to becoming an obsession and an obstacle to the normal functioning of a human being . . . There is no clear answer and each of us will have to decide if it is worth it. The truth is that without control, any planning will be dismantled like a sand castle and without a moment’s rest, the road will be endless.

Every now and then, just take a break . . .

Finding Balance

As in so many other areas of life, it is the balance between the two extremes that is difficult to achieve. The perfect balance and the moderation that we all look for, some days with more success and others, not so much.

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