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We approached the blog/page of Farnoosh Torabi, who I follow since she was making videos on Yahoo-Finance, always giving useful and practical advice on personal finance, and she is dedicated to disseminate knowledge about domestic economy, and home finance, among many other things. You can read her best tips here. For me, doing the boring but necessary first (no matter if you hate it) is one of the most effective recommendations that I keep strictly. I FOLLOW YOUR LEAD Farnoosh!

She does not deal directly on early retirement, in fact, I do not recall many articles or podcasts on retirement (she has many interesting pieces, listen to them here). But she does have a great post on retirement dealing with the importante of saving and planning properly at all ages; read it here, it is almost a roadmap for life.
In any case, she always offers ideas applicable to our daily lives, ways of saving, and opportunities to make money on the side, or even start a business. Farnoosh always has a special sensitivity to women’s concerns and financial interests in this unequal world in which we still live.



We need more women in leadership positions, being successful and earning good and equal salaries, as they deserve. Read her book.

Her book, a good read.

What are you going to learn from Farnoosh?

-The best tips from billionaires (yes, I said billionaire with a B). Follow the example of the best, you always learn something, then you can apply it to your life. Do not panic, do as Farnoosh, and ask everything and anything.

-Great ideas on life philosophy to be successful (whatever your goal is) and achieve your goals with hard work and dedication. In this blog we always talk about this and we totally agree with Farnoosh. (Remember what we discussed here about effort, or good habits, go to the LIFESTYLE section for more).

-How to negotiate practically anything effectively, but also in a decent way considering the other party, which almost always gets ignored, in order to reach an agreement beneficial to all.

Thank you so much Farnoosh for all the advice you have given us over the years, please continue with your work, and continue to encourage women and others to improve. THANK YOU!

What article in Farnoosh/So Money of which I have presented here did you think is most valuable? Maybe some other that you saw while browsing Farnoosh’s site and you want to share?

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– Another article / podcast you’ve seen on her blog? Share, please, and comment below

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