Today we look into the blogger Living a FI, another engineer retired early, at 38, (another that I can not reach . . . a sigh for my time). In my opinion this is the clearest discourse on personal finance I have seen in the blogosphere. No mincing words, he criticizes and exposes his ideas honestly, does not show fear for what others might think. Of course, this is a value in this day and age that is increasingly difficult to find. His level of integrity is simply amazing. I think one of the most interesting concepts that he handles is FIRE, a combination of financial independence and early retirement (Financial Independence-Early Retirement, as an acronym), you can see it in his section About here.
For this blogger the most important thing is to have options to decide what you want to do, and to be free in taking vital decisions. I warn you, as he says, that his blog is not intended for beginners in finance, but I believe by now you can understand what you will read on his blog. He is also very sarcastic, humorous and constantly adds comics and vignettes that make reading his articles a very pleasant time offering many free tools to control and manage your money here.

Is it a bird? A plane? Is he the Superman of finances? . . . He is Living FI!!

What are you going to learn from Living a FI?

-What to do when the stock market goes down and your investments go with it and you are losing and freaking out? Living a FI focuses on what is important and does not let fear affect him. Read the explanation here.

-His article, for me the most crucial, is the one that explains how to change the mentality from spender to saver, check it out here. I highly recommend it, the philosophy behind the text will give you a good motivation (In a later post I will give my own insight of this).

-Something that very few will open to, let alone offer advice. How to treat delicate money issues with your family? This blogger gives options and then tells his story THANK YOU FOR SHARING THE EXPERIENCE!

Do you think you are as honest with yourself as Living a FI? HIS HONESTY IS BRUTAL AND HE ALSO HAS DECIDED NOT TO MAKE ANY MONEY WITH HIS BLOG, I bow to his chivalry.


What article by Living a FI that I have presented here do you think is more interesting?


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– Another article you have seen on your blog? Share, please, and comment


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