Today we present you Joe Udo, the man behind Retire by 40, a former engineer that retired four years ago when he was 38!! I will not even match him, but his path and experience has helped me to understand what I have to do to retire soon. I hope it helps you too. His way of understanding life and money is what makes his approach work, he offers a clear distinction between financial security and financial independence; without some stability, it is not possible to achieve the desired independence, you can see more about it here.


For this blogger, the journey began when he had a baby and decided to leave his career to devote himself to his family and the blog. If you also have family, I am sure that his ideas will help you, look into the fatherhood section on his blog, it is truly interesting. But to better understand Joe, you need to read his post on his profile here. He offers much more than just a general paragraph of personal information. I highly recommend to have a look at his well put and succinct summary of his plan for a diverse and efficient retirement.


A simple photo at the top of his blog. Many of us have this in mind when we visualize our retirement . . .


What are you going to learn from Retire by 40?


– What NOT to do to achieve your goals. This blogger honestly wrote a post about the most common and fatal mistakes when managing your money. THANKS FOR SHARING JOE!


– Provides here the anti-model of frugal life so you do not fall for it (or so you can exit from it). That is, describes the type of life that seems to be the standard nowadays, opening your eyes and showing you how crazy it is if you want to retire soon.


– Shares in this post specific advice and how to navigate particular issues at early retirement, step by step, and with different options, so if you plan to retire soon, the most efficient way to do it he has already summarized it for you.


Do you think you could be so organized and so disciplined as Joe? HIS PLAN IS A MODEL TO FOLLOW!!


What article in Retire by 40 of which I have presented here did you think is most valuable? Maybe some other that you saw while browsing Joe’s site and you want to share?


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– My 5 worst financial mistakes


– Six-figure income and going broke?


– 4 ways to avoid early withdrawal penalty


– Another article you have seen on his blog? Share, please, and add your comments


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