Today we stop by Steve’s site, who runs the ship of this blog dedicated to everything that has to do with RETIREMENT, the sooner the better. It always helps me read his posts because they are simple, direct and brave. In addition, he does not waste time on secondary issues, almost always offers practical tips to reach the goal of retiring early, in good conditions, and happy. If you want to know a little more about Steve and his plans, I recommend you to start here.

In this post you will see his main philosophy, or rather, his approach to early retirement. I suggest the “must read” section, he provides a general outline and very specific ideas about how to improve your finances when thinking about retirement.

Perhaps one of the most important values shown on this site is the simplicity of the blog, which is nonetheless deep and accurate in the tools it offers. How does he get to be so simple? Because his way of life and final objective could be summarized in three steps:



You must think, practice and get used to leaving the vicious circle of consumerism and begin to realize that your happiness depends mostly on you and what you value, not necessarily what you do most of the time (professionally, for example).



This step itself is simple, at least in theory: SAVE, SAVE, SAVE. And when you think you’ve finished, save more. Scan your priorities well and save all you can to reach the goal of retiring as soon as possible. Without savings there is no retirement: no pain, no gain. Take advantage of the motivation brought by progressing towards your goals.



Although you might not have retired yet (I have not either), you should start visualizing what retirement could look like. Remember that you can do/be whatever you want, everyone recommends staying active: Chase your passions! And do not forget that early retirement is, more than anything, an attitude towards life.



But besides this plan, there is more interesting information in his blog. In my opinion, the best articles by Think Save Retire are related to their philosophy of life, or rather, what they mean by financial independence? I recommend this article and this other one. I like especially the first one that deals with the myths of freedom which will allow you to gain freedom from a salary or a boss to survive. The courage of these bloggers is shown by denying that only the rich can retire soon. It’s not about how much you earn, but how much you need. Remember previous posts like LESS IS MORE?. The key is the lifestyle that you carry and the percentage of your salary that you can put away (. . . and spend, of course). THAT IS THE SECRET STEVE AND HIS WIFE SHARE WITH US Think Save Retire. THANK YOU!!


I would love it to be so easy for me as these 3 steps, but it is a work in progress and I am getting better. WHILE WE LEARN AND GET BETTER AT THIS PLAN WE WISH THIS BLOGGER (AND HIS WIFE) THE BEST. TELL ME WHAT IS THE HARDEST PART FOR YOU: 1, 2, or 3? Think, Save or Retire? For me, it is the 3rd, no question about it.


What article in Think Save Retire of which I have presented here did you think is most valuable? Maybe some other that you saw while browsing Steve’s site and you want to share?


– Do you want to retire early?


– Step 1: How to think?


– Step 2: How to save?


– Step 3: How to retire?


– Financial independence is not just for the “rich” and wealthy


– What does financial independence mean to you?


– Another article you’ve seen on your blog? Share, please, and comment


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