Deep into the beast . . .


How much literature can someone cover in a lifetime? How many books can be read in a month, in a year? Will it ever be enough time . . . probably not. I remember reading Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, and how it attracted me and created suspense at the same time. The trip down the Congo River on a steamboat crossing the center of Africa in the nineteenth century sparked in me all kinds of feelings towards the unknown and the dark side, and perhaps it introduced me to the same primitive evil described in the novel. The book follows the journey upstream of Marlow, a worker for a British colonial company that exploits African ivory, up to meeting Kurtz, the greedy counterpart of Marlow who no longer controls his need for more, consumed by the African jungle and lost forever. We can understand quickly how Marlow feels, like him, we can not assimilate everything he observes, until we arrive to Kurtz’s kingdom . . . will Marlow be able to keep his head over his shoulders? What would you do in Marlow’s shoes, would you be able to keep your feet on the ground and avoid losing your head like Kurtz?


Before entering the river, water seems still . . . but not for a long time.


Why do I write about Heart of Darkness in this blog? Because it is still in full force, besides that it is a great book, written with impeccable style which tells a story that will keep you on your toes until the end. I bring it here because of the multiple layers and interpretations that offers. Do you feel like Marlow on the river when navigating your life? Are you afraid of becoming Kurtz due to greed and ambition? Are the obstacles in the “jungle” increasingly harder as you advance?

The novel, the beast, the jungle, your inner demons . . .

We all fear the journey and we all fear the dark side from others . . . and even ours.


Have you read the book? What do you think?


What does Marlow represent for you Marlow, and Kurtz, or the river, maybe the jungle? PLEASE PASS ALONG YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS, I AM EAGER TO READ AND COMMENT ON THEM WITH YOU.

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