Can Teach You a Couple of Things

I have not reviewed a post or a blogger for a long time, although I do not stop following them because you always learn a lot from other ways to progress in financial independence and are a great support along the way.

Some time ago I discovered Coach Carson, I think through a podcast of another blogger reference Mad Fientist. And recently I read a very significant post about his experience living abroad that is entitled “17 Insights From 17 Months Living Abroad with My Family” after having lived in Cuenca, Ecuador for more than a year and a half, you can read it here.

Some important learning that this coach proposes:

-3 A simple life is a good life

-Good experiences happen when you get involved

-Humility and Humor: Keys to the virtues of traveling and living

-The trust between people is a treasure

-A slow life is a life of luxury

I only highlight these 5, but any of the 17 proposed by the coach are essential for life.

Happy with geoarbitrage in Ecuador.

Seldom have I seen a foreigner approach a Spanish-speaking country and embrace life and culture as clearly as Carson, has assimilated the way of understanding life and has adapted perfectly, taking a vital learning that aligns with his positioning and its philosophy of life.

Whenever I read the website of Carson I learn something, especially about real estate that is their specialty, but do not be fooled by it 😉 not only speaks of houses and properties, what he is really talking about constantly is a lifestyle of freedom, a simple and meaningful life.

Thanks for the lessons, coach!

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