The persistence of memory


Salvador Dalí, father of surrealism uh!, understood that time is extremely difficult to measure. I am not talking about seconds, minutes, or months; I am talking about sensing the time, feeling the time.

Liquid clocks melting in “The Persistence of Memory” by Dalí.

Life goes by in an instant and when you do not feel well time could be perceived as eternal. I do not have to explain you that, just look at the melting clocks painted by the Spanish genius in his masterpiece “The Persistence of Memory”, they are fluid, dynamic, voluble . . . They are only in your mind.

“Surrealism it´s me!” Said Dalí, and you? Are you a surrealist?

Retirement works just the same, sometimes it will feel close and accessible, some others it will be like a mirage, unreachable; but it is there, in the horizon, in your head. Do not forget your goal, be persistent, like the water, like the effort of memory.


And you? How do you handle time in your head?

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