What to do during retirement?


The other day I wrote about the options and plans during the retreat. The possibilities were opened and I asked myself what I would do on a normal day without having to work. Many people say that they would get bored without working and I am convinced that this would not be my problem.


A normal day without obligations


8.30-9.30 Get up and have breakfast calmly

9.30-11.30 Read (I have many pending books …)

11.30-1 Practicing sports (varying every day)

1.30-2.30 Cooking (trying new things, techniques, etc.)

2.30-3.30 Eating

3.30-4.30 Rest, have a coffee, maybe take a little nap

4.30-6.30 Go for a walk, visit friends

6.30-7.30 Showering, resting

7.30-8.30 Prepare dinner

8.30-10.30 Watch a movie (one of my great passions)

10.30- Read until falling sleep. . .

All day like this . . . I don´t think so

And with some occupation. . .


That day is fine, but it’s pretty quiet and the routine might seem monotonous. Many people live that way. But what would happen if we added a couple of activities. . . If I continue teaching Pilates classes, let’s say 3 times a week, just going back and forth, getting ready, taking a shower and doing the class as such, would be 2 hours each session. If I offered a class or some talk at the local library, it would be another 2 hours each session, say 3 times a week. If I still wanted to be with people I would probably go to a local bar or restaurant to work a few hours (yes, the retirement police will issue a ticket …), it would become 4 hours every day and I do not think that I need more than 2 days a week. In total, all this is 6 hours of pilates, 6 hours of classes and 8 hours of bar / restaurant are a total of 20 hours per week. The week already begins to be more full, with variations and breaks in the routine. All this if I wanted, of course, by will.


And also plan C and D. . . Or the necessary letters


There are many options, it is a question of adapting, of wanting to take advantage (or not) of the day. I have no problem in retiring, in spending the day quietly, but I also have no problem in being more active. In all this planning we are not taking into account two fundamental factors that would occupy a good part of my day. The first one would be to write, it could be this blog, essays or venturing into creation, and this can take you almost all day. . . if I´m not careful. The second factor, which should not be overlooked at all, is the very real possibility of traveling, in the long term and during long seasons, which would occupy a good part of the YEAR, and then time would expand and contract, becoming magical. . .

Of course, the problem is not going to be bored . . .

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