I am going to be able to slow down

I do not know if it’s a question I ask myself: Am I really going to be able to slow down? Or rather a mantra that I try to inculcate myself: I will be able to lower the rhythm, I will be able to lower the rhythm, I will be able to lower the rhythm . . . The truth is that I get dizzy and I do not know what life will be like after retirement, although I have tried to imagine it on occasion. You can remember it here.

Non stop piston

Find some balance

The pace in the most productive years is being quite high and I think it has some kind of spiral into which it enters and it is difficult to stop. Seeing that you can carry out various tasks, and that, despite the fact that many new fronts open, you are still able to complete them on time and effectively. It seems that progress is made in that vortex and not only does it stop, but it embraces itself to produce more and more.


Keep the mantra

I am afraid that I will not be able to slow down, but I think that if I am convincing myself from now on, the transition will be a little less complicated. Sure it will be difficult, but it is necessary to pause, calm down and see things with perspective to enjoy the new stage to the fullest. In the end, that is the goal, we must not forget it.

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