Do more with less, less commitments free you up more, less is more

less is more

Clean and free, less is more, according to Mies van der Rohe

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, a German architect, forged the motto LESS IS MORE, the origin of minimalism. “Less is more” means reducing to the essence. It means seeking purity, simplicity and cleanness as a concept, to be found in the simple conceptions, highlighting the beauty and maximizing functionality. “Less is more” is an integral part of my life, I try to apply it to everything I do; I seek to reduce, downsize, streamline and optimize all actions, processes, and approaches in order to seize the day better and avoid getting lost in the tedium of everyday tasks. Maximization rests on the important things and values, the contact with people and getting the most out of each experience without forgetting the great objectives in the medium and long term.



Perhaps your opinion is different. For many, less is less and more is more. How do you apply this idea in your life, or in your finances?

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