A matter of perspective

The importance of having height of mind for such large and complex projects as early retirement is crucial. This dream requires a broader vision, in the long term, and trying to consider all possible scenarios. You can not stay in the superficial or the immediate.

A practical example

Not long ago I was talking to a property manager to see what conditions he would require if we let him handle an apartment. During the conversation, the possibility arose of seeing in which areas you could invest and buy some property. We took the opportunity to ask him since he knew the area well and it would be interesting to hear his opinion.

Bird´s eye view . . .

I was quite surprised that everything he said was translated into potential investments with immediate or very short-term performance. At no time did he raise anything else, to the point where I explicitly asked him for a more long-term investment and he looked at me like one looks at an alien.

A special moment

Everything reached a strange situation because until that moment, I listened to him attentively and considered him an expert. In turn, he listened to me and took care of me because he saw that I was not speculating. As I said, after that moment everything changed; we both realized that we were facing a completely opposite philosophy of life. He could only see what was directly in front of his house and I was trying to position myself with a broader perspective and wanted to see as much land as possible, the horizon if you may.


A bird´s eye view

The vision from afar and the projection towards the future as advanced as possible is critical to carry out this project and retire soon. I try not to let the lack of perspective blind me and I try not fall into the trap of immediacy. It only keeps you in the present, running on the hamster’s wheel and does not let you fly. . .

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