Another post about cooking . . .

Today I talk about cooking, if you follow me, you know that it is one of my great passions and one of the activities that relaxes me the most. Do you remember when I talked about the skins and leftovers of the pineapple and how to make a delicious tea with them? If you do not remember it, you can read it again here.

I continue with my desire not to waste food, not only to save and be as efficient as possible, but also because throwing food seems to me one of the most despicable practices in modern society; it happens more and and more, it is totally accepted, and I think we are not aware of how important it is, especially when there are so many people who do not have access to food.

Don´t throw them away . . . Use them!

In the same line of peeling pineapple, I get sick of throwing all the skins of potatoes, I do not know what to do with them and recently I found a recipe to make a bread with the base of those skins that has a spectacular appearance. You can read it here.

And you can get this great bread . . . From waste to a wonderful product.

You already know that we are bakers too, do you remember? Look here for our bread recipe that Ms. ASAPRetire handles perfectly, every time she gets it better. I gotta go because I’m going to prepare that focaccia bread with a base of rescued potato skins, before they get bad.

This is what I call low-waste kitchen!

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