MUSIC: NEIL YOUNG “Heart of Gold” (1972)

Pause, Listen and Live


I am constantly seeking music that moves me, trying to find a piece that evokes a past that may not return or an unreachable place for me. I thrive in rediscovering and recreating emotions, sometimes forgotten or buried. When I hear songs that are on my mind or when I pick something on the radio that touches my heart and head, I feel elated. Today I write about a classic (another day I will cover more contemporary artists, I promise). But one of the artists that I never get tired of listening to is Neil Young. I do not know if it is for his devastating letters or for their eternal hard rock sound, always frank and unambiguous. I pause numerous times in the song “Heart of gold”, one of his ballads in which the rhythm takes us forward, just to continue a search for a heart of gold, to keep digging to find that unique heart.


Give it a try or listen to it again . . .


The song ends with the lines “I want to live, I want to give”, these are the words of Neil Young, who strongly anchored to the philosophy of this blog and one that fits directly with the lifestyle I propose, follow, and disseminate. Live to the fullest, work hard, progressing on your way as the miner in the song that seeks a golden heart. Do not despair and continue; but also give to others, offer what you have and look for relationships where you present yourself openly, you will find people with greater hearts and share yours too, it will become bigger, more valuable.

Search, search, search


I am sure you have heard songs by Neil Young that you like? TELL ME WHICH ONES YOU DID, OR DID NOT.

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