Oh! The eternal question again . . .


Almost like TO BE OR NOT TO BE, in this capitalist world, the main idea is that everything has to happen immediately. Your impulse turns into a NEED that is artificially created and becomes vital if it is not obtained at once. The basic needs are very few, and if you’re reading this blog is because you have them probably covered: food, clothes, and a place to rest. If we enlarge the circle a little more, you probably have also solved your transportation, work clothes and some fancy outfits for special days. You might as well have set aside a little bit for your leisure time, as well as enough to provide a few surprises for your family and friends on occasions, just to name a few. Beyond these areas I mentioned . . . what else do you need? Whatever you need, it is likely that you just want it.

When you were a child you needed them all the time . . .

If this is the case, then, what is it really what you “want” from life? And, what do you “need” to be happy and feel satisfied?


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