As we move towards retirement, the goal is generating an increasingly anxiety feeling and the specific doubts around what to do, how to do it, when to do it, where to do it, why to do it. . . the battery of questions can be endless. . .



As in almost all areas of life, the hardest milestones to achieve are based on achieving a balance. We can focus on specific issues to calm doubts and fears and pay attention to specific data (how much money do you need, what time will be the most suitable, what work plans or other projects do you want to finalize before you retire, etc.). But the truth is that fear is behind the concept and the simple fact of retiring early frightens me. The doubts assault since nobody knows what will happen. I need to gather enough courage, will I be able to make the right decision? What if something happens? or if I make a serious mistake? There is no going back once the decision is made. . .

That´s what I call juggling . . .


Let us think for a moment that enough money has been reached: what would be the ideal age to retire? According to Financial Samurai, which we follow for his good advice, between 41 and 45 is the ideal age since you have been able to see how you are capable of working and have not yet reached a point yet where you have lost your motivation. You can see the details here, it’s quite interesting



Regardless of the feasibility of retiring before the 45 mark, my real question, I confess, is: Will I have the courage to do it? After so much effort and planning. . . I should not forget the objective.

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