10 Years of Recap​


Not long ago, I was thinking about when I bought my home, it was the summer of 2009, and the “peak” of the crisis, that means that everything was tanking, economy was rock-bottoming and prices were very low. That´s why I bought. Some say I got lucky, and yes they are right . . . up to certain point, it´s also true that I was monitoring a few properties for a couple of years and I bought when nobody dare to buy, but yes, luck was a factor, I was there at the right time. By the way, don´t forget about paying debt/mortgage fast, you can revisit the post here.


New House Free of Fumes


I remember well when I bought the house because it was the same time when I quit smoking and that happened almost 10 years ago. The firsts rays of sun are calling for summer, and it was that summer when I decided no more smoking. One of the best decisions of my life, along with the house. Both decisions free me from troubles in the future: no more debt freed up money to invest and no more smoking freed me up to a more healthy life and social stigma, yes stigma . . . poor smokers out there.

Avoid temptation, stay strong

No Smoking = FIRE Seeking


Many people asked me how I was able to quit smoking cold turkey and I always answer the same: “One day at a time” with the ultimate goal being not smoking ever again in the horizon. Basically, is a step by step process in which you have to be mentally strong every day, overcome the cravings and temptations, keep your head down and work/save/invest/take care of yourself, with the juicy carrot and the big target at the end of the road.


Just keep grinding, you´ll get there . . .


How do you stay motivated?


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