What is going on with bread in the US?

It seems that there are only two options:

a) It is very bad.

Either it is so light that when you cut it with the knife you crush it and make it thin as cardboard, or is so hard you could build a house for your dog.

b) It is very expensive.

It is hard to find a good quality bread, crispy outside and fluffy on the inside, once you do, you have to pay a hefty price at your local bakery $5-8.

This is our bread, it is yummy!

This is our bread! Not what you get out there . . .

Make your own bread

I suggest making your own bread because it is natural, fun, cheap, creative and rewarding . . . and it tastes waaaaaaay better than the bread you will find in stores. Today, I need the wisdom of Mrs. Asapretire, who is a bread-maker (also a breadwinner), she is the master baker at home. I just eat it . . . and I also do some delicious recipes with her bread. It is a good partnership.

Here our friend keeps the kitchen and our little fingers clean, as well as mixing the ingredients evenly. Cheap and efficient, that is how I like it!

How to use the machine

We use the machine to mix the dough, I payed 0, because I used points from credit card, but you can find it for about $50 (in a month you will have broken even, I guarantee). We use the 2lb. size, that allows you make breads of considerable size. In my opinion, the smaller version is not worth it. For us, this machine is perfect because it prepares the dough for us while we work on other things and also keeps the mess away from the kitchen. The other great advantage is that you can do other savory and sweet breads with fillers or other ingredients, so it gives you a lot of versatility. It is just an option, choose your prefered one or just get those hands in dough, it is fun. I share here some links so you can see the recipes for the machine, or one of the most effective ways I know, for more artisanal recipes.

Once the machine worked its magic, Mrs. Asapretire shapes the loaf to perfection . . . more or less!


Some numbers

If you buy two loaves of bread each week (let’s be cautious) and say that the cost of good bread is $6, you can easily save almost $50 a month, $600 a year. I SAY THAT IS A GOOD ROI!

A quick calculation:
-Flour: less than $3
-Yeast: $1
-Salt: virtually $0
-Water: Virtually $0

With these amounts you will bake about 8 loaves (remember that had you bought them at the bakery it would have cost you 8x$6 = $24 and this way it will only cost you $4). You can prepare all kinds of dishes for your family and your guests, taking a warm loaf freshly made with your own hands every time someone comes to your house: IT IS GOING TO BE VERY IMPRESSIVE!



Why not, go back to the roots, to the origin, knead some bread and feel useful while escaping from the tyranny of supply and demand in the world of bread in the US where they want to charge you an exorbitant price for flour and water.

PS: No professional bakers were harmed during the creation of this post, we love them and they bake tons of things we can only dream of. THANKS!

What do you do to get good bread? Do you have other bread recipes, sweet breads, or different breads? SHARE WITH US!

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