Natural beauty


Henry Moore’s sculptures are all over the world, surely you have seen some and their clean forms are still hanging around in your memory. Large, peaceful, made of noble materials, rocks or fragments of wood of exaggerated dimensions that naturally resemble, before being carved, the figures in which they will end up becoming.

One of his famous pieces

Don´t push the shape


The shape of the pieces completed by Henry Moore is clean, clear, vital, connected with people, with feelings, family, motherhood, human beings and life, in sum. Like ASAPRETIRE, the sculptor does not force the shape, he devotes himself to the daily work and looks for the organic development of his art.

Working patiently . . .

An abstract inspiration


Henry Moore also inspires us to follow our path, probably the longest road, to get the reward. Due to his classical training and his work in developing the sculptures naturally, perfecting each task with each chisel stroke, he manages to highlight the natural beauty of the rocks and woods. It seems as easy and as essential as a simple life, with a clear objective.

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