Everything counts


Almost all of us who are trying to retire early have some source of income beyond the main job, many have several. The more the better, but without forgetting life, the enjoyment, the family, the loved ones. . .

That´s not me . . .


I teach Pilates classes, once or twice a week, I meet with a group of people who love it and who see the benefits of taking care of themselves and for me it is a pleasure, as well as a small source of income. This is just an example and I do not do it for the money, I do it mainly because that’s how I’m forced to take care of myself. I do not know if you’ve ever heard it, but this phrase is very true: “You do not learn something completely until you have to teach it.” To teach anything you have to know 10 times more than what you propose to the students, if don´t you are not going to be lost and you will not be a good instructor. The Pilates is like that too, the more I teach the more I learn, and the more I learn the better I find physically  myself.

Little by little

The money comes later, I try to do activities that I like, so I do not consider it technically work and I can enjoy it. At the economic level it is not much, but everything adds up, and besides adding, above all, it takes away from expenses. You lower your expenses and release more resources to do other things, embark on other investments or launch other projects. Do not underestimate the power of a small, but recurrent, income.

And you? Do you have any income beyond your work?

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