Am I going to lose my identity?

Many in the FIRE community talk and comment that one of the great fears at the time of retirement is manifested in what will be their identity, since it is intimately linked to work, apparently. . . But more than the people who want to retire soon, it is the skeptics who argue that you will not be anyone, or that you will not be able to find who you are, or that you will have to reinvent yourself if you retire early. . . ignore the noise, remember?

Reinvent yourself or die

The only thing I agree with these doomsayers is that you will have to reinvent yourself, but not only during retirement (early or not); you must reinvent yourself almost every day if you want to be in the world, if you do not want life to pass over you and leave you lying in the gutter. The need to reinvent oneself is not unique to retirees, it affects everyone. Moreover, I think it is more important to constantly update yourself if you are working because otherwise you will lose job opportunities, promotions, promotions and salary increases, possible relationships that would place you in better positions, etc. That is, it takes less for a retiree to reinvent himself than for someone who is working. With which, that outdated logic of losing your identity if you retire seems to me very peregrine, precisely when being released from work obligations you have more flexibility and scope to be yourself. Not the other way around.

Problems figuring out who you are?

Be yourself

Indeed, to preserve the identity is something fundamental, it should not change when you work, nor when you stop doing it. If you have to reinvent yourself and create a new identity when you leave your professional career. . . Have you shown yourself how you really are? Identity is very important, essential, that is why it should not be subordinated to work and in this way you will not have to change it or reinvent it when you leave the position. For me, the main elements that mark my identity are:

-The values ​​and principles
-The people who are around
-What I defend and what I do not tolerate
-What I promote and generate

These elements establish who you are, regardless of your job or your occupation, where you are or the money you have. If you keep the essence everything will be easier, during your work period and definitely when you retire, you will not need such a strong transition and a drastic change, you will just remain you, with full freedom. In the end, this is the goal of financial independence, right?

Do not forget who you are

Do not base all your identity on the job and thus avoid many problems. You do not have to create a new identity after retiring, you have to maintain it, now freer than ever. . .

Remember: Dream. . . with your feet on the ground and your head in the clouds.

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